Trail Bridge Engineer - 2 position(s) - Open for All

Published On : 21 Aug, 2021
Application Deadline : 03 Sep, 2021
Duty Station : Gandaki and Karnali Province

Job Description


Trail Bridge Support Unit

Job Specification


Designation:  Trail Bridge Engineer (TBE)

Duty Station: TBSU Provincial Office with frequent filed visit (min. 50%)

Line Manager

The TBSU Trail Bridge Provincial Manager (TBPM) will be the line manager. TBE is accountable to him / her and shall report to him / her. For technical matters, he/she shall refer to the Capacity Building and Mentoring Chief (CBMC) and follow his / her instructions.

Job Purpose

Capacity Building of Infrastructure Development Offices (IDOs), Palikas, NGOs, Consultants, Fabricators, Contractors and Provincial Technical Assistance Providers (PTAP)

Technical support to Province and capacitate PTAP to gradually undertake.

Technical support to Palikas through PTAP

Quality assurance of TB programme of Palika and Province and fulfill capacity gap of stakeholders.

Mobilize technical team of PTAP hired by Province in coordination with Transport Infrastructure Directorate (TID)/ Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Development (MoPID)

Duties and responsibilities

TBE shall be responsible for capacitating PTAP, in coordination with TID/MoPID, by accompanied capacity building and co-working to provide technical assistance to the respective IDOs/TID and Palikas, ensuring that they construct bridges as per national norms and standard and in the spirit of National Policy, Trial Bridge Strategy and its Core Manuals, monitor the physical progress and quality of each bridge and ensures all Social and thematic matters.


TBE shall monitor the performance of PTAP and sub-ordinates and guide them when deemed necessary. Furthermore, TBE shall assist the TBPM for maintaining the communication and monitoring the PTAP.


More particularly, the above duties and responsibilities shall include but not be limited to:


Planning, Monitoring and Reporting

Check plans on consistency with the TBS/LIDP (prioritizing RM, MM, Rehab and NC and applying the prioritization formula in particular) and approval by the Palika Assembly.

Attend the meetings of working partner organizations (IDOs/TID, Palikas, Local NGOs), User's Communities and other organizations in bridge building. 

Assist the IDOs/Palikas in their annual Bridge Planning and Budgeting.

Induce and ensure that the IDOs/Palikas submit its annual & trimester reports on progress, expenditure, etc. in time in case of federal conditional grant.

Data entry and Compile PMIS / TBSIS and report generation.

Capacitate and facilitate to transfer these systems to TID/MoPID.

Review progress vs. plans with the IDOs/Palikas and suggest corrective measures.

Continuously assess the HR-capacity as related to TB in the IDOs and Palikas & local NGO.

Strengthen maintenance by institutionalizing it within Palikas.

Facilitate / assist and ensure that all Paliks updates Bridge Records with condition of the bridge.

Ensure that Palikas includes bridge maintenance as a priority in their bridge planning based on Bridge Records

Instil on-line Bridge Data Inventory tool at IDOs/TID and maintain / administer at Province/Palika level.


Technical Assistance, Quality Control and Assurance

Support IDOs/Palikas, PTAPs and local NGOs, if there is capacity gap, to survey bridge sites ensuring that it is socially and technically feasible and geologically and hydrologically sound.

Support IDOs/Palikas, PTAP and local NGOs, if there is capacity gap, to prepare the design, drawings and quantity/cost estimate ensuring that the bridge is optimized on design and cost.

Support PTAP in reviewing each Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) prepared by NGOs/Consultants in line with national norms and standard.

Deliver punctual support to IDOs, Palikas and NGOs in case of technically complex cases.

Support IDOs, Palikas, PTAP and NGOs to supervise the construction work at bridge sites where capacity lacks.

Ensure that PTAP monitors each bridge at the critical milestones by visiting the site. 

Support PTAP in testing and inspection of steel parts procured by IDOs/Palikas.

Support PTAP in quality monitoring of Services, Goods and Works procured by IDOs/Palikas.

Follow up with Palikas to ensure that the BW is functional and routine maintenance is executed.

Support Palikas to carry out survey, design and cost estimate and supervision of the Rehabilitation and Major Maintenance.

Ensure that the identified shortcomings and rectification works at sites are executed.

Ensure load testing of at least 5% of built bridges in province.

Overall responsible for quality of bridges constructed in province.


Capacity Building

Capacitate Consultants in the course of review of DPRs prepared by them.

Capacitate all TB-professionals in the IDOs, Palikas, NGOs, PTAP, Consultants and Contractors.

Continuously monitor the performance of NGOs / Consultants/PTAP and fill the capacity gap.

Support on conducting training courses, OJT, internship and participate as resource person as and when needed.



Stimulate bridge-building capabilities of the local communities.

Facilitate to conduct Public Hearing, Public Review and Public Audit at the community level.

Social monitoring during the entire process to ensure social inclusion at all stages of TB implementation (from the community agreement till the completion of the bridge).

Ensure that insurance of workers during bridge construction is procured.

Observe that the DAG-Policy is being honoured.

Ensure that BW appointed upon completion of each TB.


All above functions shall be delivered through PTAP in coordination with TID/MoPID by capacitating them in these functions by accompanied capacity building and co-working.



The TBE shall report to the TBPM on matters related to:

Technical and Program

Physical Progress

Capacity building activities at Province / Palika level and PTAP


Authority and competencies

TBE shall bear the full responsibility of the TBPM in absence of him/her.



Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering with 5 years’ work experience with at least 4 years in trial bridges.

Expertize Competencies

Good understanding of current context of trail bridge building in Nepal

Familiarity with the functioning of country’s federal structure.

Familiarity with the functioning of the line agencies of the federal, provincial and local government, NGOs, private sector and development partners.

Good understanding of Conflict Sensitive Program Management.

Readiness to conduct field visits in rural areas with simple facilities.

Good verbal and written communication in Nepali and English.

Ability to represent and interact independently with Stakeholders at Federal, Province and Palika level, Provincial Partner and other stakeholders.

Personal competencies:

Result oriented

Excellent time management and task prioritization skills

Able to interact effectively with all stakeholders

Good facilitation and communication skills

Commitment towards gender equality, social inclusion and poverty reduction

Demonstrated ability to work with multi-cultural team

Ability to work under time pressure





Additional Information

At least 4 years of work experience in trail bridge building required.